Rainbow6 SIEGE


Rainbow Six Siege – The Competitive Edge

The popularization of titles like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (coincidentally, also released in 2007), has given way to the more “modern” shooter that will allow you to take bullets to the chest, hide behind some barrels and then regain all your life back only to find yourself throwing a plethora of futuristic assault weapons to the face of the closest enemy, which in real terms, probably costs the same amount in real money as the GDP of a small European country.
Sadly, this is what shooters became and why? Is it because our attention span is just remarkably smaller these days or is there more profit to be made off of “easy” shooters. I say “easy” because that’s what they are in comparison to something like Rainbow Six Siege. Mindless, forward-marching shooters where the one with the fastest reactions or luckiest recoil shot will win.